Do You Tell It Like It Is?

Do you struggle for words or battle with a filter?

 Oct 08, 2015
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Question: 1/7When someone interrupts you in a group setting you:

madea, oh hell no, funny, sassy, family, movies/tv, mom, grandma
Let it go and move on
Pull them aside later and politely confront them
Let it go but complain to someone else behind their back
Call them out on it in front of everyone

Question: 2/7Your preferred mode of travel is a:

california, CA, girl, california girl, skateboarding, surf, surfing, surfer girl, LA, fitness, travel

Question: 3/7What do you do when you find out your BFF’s boyfriend is cheating on her?

darla, little girl, frustrated, heartbroken, upset, sequins, child, little rascals, movies/tv, relationships, mad, angry
Spy on him until you have proof
Confront the bastard
You don’t get involved
Tell your BFF

Question: 4/7When you fail, you:

family, soccer, fail, fall, soccer ball, running, kids, playing, fitness
Blame it on something else
Laugh to cover up your embarrassment
Try again until you succeed
Close off and become more cautious

Question: 5/7When someone posts an unflattering photo of you online, you:

bridesmaids, Friends, friendship, pissed off, frustrated, over it, fight, argue, celebs, movies/tv, annoyed, kristen, wiig, kristen wiig
Make a funny comment about bad you look
Firmly ask that they take it down
Just avoid looking at it
Report it as spam

Question: 6/7When someone tries to eat off your plate, you:

celebs, career, movies/tv, Teresa Giudice, Real Housewives, mean, annoyed, New Jersey, reality tv
Eat off of theirs too
Have to order a whole new dish
Get super territorial
Are annoyed, but let them

Question: 7/7Which super power would you like to have?

movies/tv, batman, super hero, gotham, bat man, cape, building, night, dark, scary, heroes, super heroes
Super speed
Mind reading
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