Quiz: Can You Name All Of These 1970s Talk Show Hosts?

70s talk show host, tv, The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder

"Heeere's Johnny!"

Only someone who grew up in the 70s will be able to remember all of this daytime and late night TV hosts by one image!

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Take a seat on the couch and guess the names of these hosts! Are you nostalgic for talk shows from the 1970s? There were chat shows on in the daytime, evening and late night in the '70s, covering everything from current affairs to pop music. Many of these hosts stuck around for decades. Did you know that MAS*H' actor McLean Stevenson filled in for Johnny Carson 58 times or that Dick Cavett sat with everyone from the Sex Pistols to Salvador Dalí? In the 1970s, Tom Snyder hosted 'Tomorrow,' and years later, he hosted 'The Late Late Show.' Television legend Merv Griffin also produced game shows. Mike Douglas began his career broadcasting out of Cleveland. Hawaiian pop star Don Ho hosted an eponymous daytime show on ABC in 1976–77. Former Tonight Show host Steve Allen began hosting a show called 'Meeting of Minds' in 1977, on which he interviewed historical figures — well, actors pretended to be historical figures. Conservative intellectual William F. Buckley showed off his impressive vocabulary on the public affairs show called 'Firing Line.' In 1978, Jack Linkletter hosted daytime talk show America Alive! alongside Caitlyn Jenner (then Bruce) and consumer reporter David Horowitz. Kelly Lange was a pioneering female news anchor who hosted 'Take My Advice' and often substituted on 'Tomorrow.' These are just a few of the 70s talk show hosts featured in this trivia quiz! Are you the ultimate fan on 1970s TV shows and icons? See if you can identify the hosts behind the desks. Good luck!

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