Most People Can't Name All Of These Female *Icons* From The 70s. Can You?

Barbarella, 70s, Jane Fonda, 1968
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Think you know all these groovy ladies?

How many of these popular 1970s actresses, singers, models, and icons can you name by just one photograph?

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If you're a true lover of the 1970s, then you already know that the 70s was one of the best decades for movies, TV shows, and music. Some of the biggest household names in acting, singing, modeling, dancing, and more originated and rose to fame during this groovy time period. Did you ever wish you had Barbra Streisand's voice or Farrah Fawcett's hair back in the day? Were you obsessed with Stevie Nicks's songwriting and Maureen McCormick's acting over the years? If you, then we've got the perfect quiz for you! We're going to show you a series of photographs featuring some of the 70s most beloved and popular leading ladies. All you need to do is match them up with the correct corresponding names to pass. But beware, this quiz isn't for the faint of heart! Most people won't be able to score above a 40% on this quiz. Can your 70s knowledge be beat? If your love for these iconic women of the 70s still holds strong and you consider yourself to be a true lover of 70s pop culture, then we know you have it in you to get a perfect score on this test on the first try. Are you up for the challenge? Great! Hit the play button now and put your old school retro knowledge to the ultimate test. Get too many of these questions wrong, and you might just fail this test. But get enough right and you might be crowned the reigning champion of 70s trivia!

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