Quiz: How Impressive Is Your 70s Music Knowledge?

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Are you groovy enough to pass?

Someone who is 70s song savvy should surely be able to pass this ultimate 70s music challenge on the first try!

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Calling all 70s music lovers! Boy, do we have a fun quiz for you! The era of 70s music was revolutionary, to say the least. Songs about love, heartbreak, protest, war, peace, and more were plentiful during this ten year span - and pretty much all the songs had groovy instrumentation no matter what the lyrical theme. If you were a child of the '70s, you no doubt grew up hearing these tunes slipping out your parents' eight-track player and car radio. Songs of the 70s often represent a simpler, more carefree time for a generation getting older and perhaps nostalgic. The top hits oldies music of the 70s is characterized by a number of musical styles. On one end, the heavy metal genre came of age with artists like Alice Cooper, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, and Kiss. On the other end, artists like The Jackson Five, The Osmonds, David Cassidy and The Bay City Rollers created teeny bopper pandemonium. The one music genre that really flourished in this era is the disco thanks to musicians like Van McCoy, Donna Summer, and Gloria Gaynor. Soul, funk, and disco music also ruled the airwaves. The 70s was also an era when punk revolutionized music with such artists such as Iggy Pop and The Ramones. The decade ended with electropop, Euro disco, and synth rock making their mark. But just how well do you remember 70s songs, lyrics, and the artists who sang them? Let's find out! Hit the play button now and show us how 70s smart you really are!

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