Quiz: Can You Beat Shazam At Naming All of These 80s Hits?

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Time for a musical throwback!

Are you an 80s All star? Take this fun music quiz and see if you can name all of these 80s hit songs by just a few lyrics!

 Mar 05, 2019
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Want to prove you're totally an 80s music genius? Then we've got the quiz for you! It's no big secret that the 80s is one of the greatest decades ever for music and gave us so many hit pop songs that are still played on repeat today. Many of their hit singles are still popular songs on the radio today, and a lot of them are so timeless that you could never get sick of listening to them. You'll have no problems acing this quiz if you still carry around your old Walkman and listen to Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, and The Human League or if you could sing the lyrics to "Beat It" or "Like A Virgin" in your sleep. If you know all the words to "Take On My" and you can't resist belting out "Love Is A Battlefield" whenever it comes on the radio, you should really take this test. Most people think they know 80s songs, but often times they confuse the lyrics and mix up the words. We know you can get a perfect score if you have clearly been singing along to 80s music since all these songs first came out and you live and breathe Micheal Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, and Bon Jovi! The smartest 80s scholars will be able to pass, but everyone else will sadly miss too many questions and fail. How much do you actually know about the greatest musical hits to come out of the 1980s? Look no further than this classic and iconic 80s music quiz to pass some time and have fun!

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