Quiz: Only Someone Born in the 80s Can Name These Lead Singers. Can You?

80s, Music

Are you TOTALLY 80s enough to pass?

Will you be 80s song savvy enough to pass this music test on the first try? Let's see how many lead singers you can identify!

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Are you a tried and true 1980s music fan? Excellent! We're ready to challenge you to one of the biggest 80s music challenges of all time. Pretty much everyone knows who Madonna is, but it's going to take a lot more knowledge of lesser known but equally talented 80s lead singers if you want to pass this test. Will you make MJ proud? Do you really know all the famous faces behind the famous songs? Can you tell apart Boy George from George Michael from Michael Jackson without getting any of them confused? All you have to do in this quiz is look at a series of pictures of famous 80s lead singers, from solo acts to group acts. Once you've taken a look at various stills from their music videos, you're going to have to match up the photos of these famous faces to their household names to pass. Sound easy enough? We promise you it'll be a lot tricker than you're probably anticipating. The 80s was quite a while ago, so we wouldn't blame you if your memory was a bit hazy and if your 80s music knowledge was a bit rusty. All you need to do is go back and listen to some hit 80s songs on your old walkman to jog your memory. Once you've done that, we promise you'll be more than ready to take this test. So what are you waiting for? Hit the play button now and show us that you're the number one 80s music fan of all time. We know you can beat it!

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