Quiz: Can You Match The 80s Movie To The Final Frame?

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Did you really watch until the credits?

If you love classic 80s movies and think you can remember every last scene, then put your movie memory to the test now!

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Nothing makes a movie quite as memorable as a good ending. Whether they come suddenly or they're expected, the most satisfying movie endings leave you thinking about what you just watched for a while. There's no single way to achieve a great film ending. Some of the best movie endings leave you wanting more, while others wrap everything up in a neat bow. The perfect plot twist can leave everyone in the crowd gasping, or a great soundtrack can end things on a perfect final note. A beautiful final shot or a devastating line of dialogue can really stay with an audience. Movie endings can leave you with a sense of satisfaction or make you want to throw your chair at the screen. Every filmmaker strives for the former, and in some cases they manage to pull off something that will be remembered forever. Whether it leaves you happy or sad, or has a visual or line of dialogue that just brings everything together, a movie ending can make or break how you feel about the story you just watched. Classic 80s movies arguably have some of the best movie endings of all time. For example, in Back to the Future, it ends with the most brazen call for a sequel imaginable. What if the movie had flopped? Not a chance. All seems right with Marty's world, until Doc Brown returns from the future to alert him of a troubling family issue. The stage is set for an eventual trilogy that continues to entertain to this day. Just how many 80s movie endings can you remember? Let's find out!

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