Arkansas Lingo - It's A Thing! Do You Know These 19 "Typical" AR Things?

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Do you know all about AR?

If you think you're smart enough to know all the ins and outs of living in Arkansas, then prove it with this quiz!

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Home to 50 state parks and two a half million acres of national forests, Arkansas is a gorgeous state to visit and grow up in. However, we may have a few quirks. How many of them do you really know? It's time to find out! Do you wear a lot of Razorback red? Do you know the correct way to abbreviate Arkansas? Have you ever tried a cheese dog? Do you love looking at the Ozark Mountains? Can you pronounce Arkansas the correct way? Do you know the state capital? Do you know the difference between a deer, coon, and duck dog? Are you proud to hail from the Natural State? Have you ever been invited to or had a bunkin' party before? Do you like eating the salsa at Lolita's Tex-Mex? Do you enjoy sweet milk and biscuits in a glass for dessert? Have you ever gone to Whitey's Chicken on a Saturday morning? Are you obsessed with tamales? Do you spend your summers on Beaver Lake? Have you ever attended the Grape Festival? Do you own a pair of overalls? Have you ever spent a Saturday night o Dickson? Have you ever seen the Boggy Creek Monster before? Are you a loyal Hogs fan? Only the smartest Arkansas locals will know the answers to all of these Arkansas trivia questions. Can you get 100%? We know you do! Let's see if you're a real AR native once and for all. Best of luck and of course, Woooo, Pig Sooie!

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