Everyone Has A City That Matches Their Personality. Which Is Yours?

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Pack your bags!

Everyone has a global, international city that matches their personality. Which world class city matches your soul?

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We're all born somewhere... But is it always where we were meant to be? Ever wonder if you're living in the right place? Just because you were born somewhere doesn't mean you should stay there forever. From bustling metropolises to smaller, more community-oriented cities, you may actually belong somewhere you never thought. Each city has its own unique set of characteristics and cultures, so naturally certain places align better with certain personalities. We're going to save you a lot of time and money by matching you up with your ideal city without you having to go through all the trial and error of testing the world's many destinations. If you belong in New York, you are a unique individual who thrives being around others who are creative and liberal minded. You might not love cold weather all the time, and living in a small space can get a bit tight, but it's all worth it, because you have the best of the arts at your fingertips. You also thrive among diversity, and enjoy the culture it provides. If you belong in London, you are a witty and intelligent person who thrives from living in a city that offers you old world architecture and history, but modern thinking and ways of living. You don't mind the rain, as long as you can live in a green place, and London gives you a host of gorgeous green parks and spaces. If you belong in Paris, you are a romantic soul who needs a city that is steeped in history, philosophy, and culture. Discover what city best compliments your personality, and your style of living!

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