Quiz: Can You Dance Your Way Through This Disco Lyrics Quiz?

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It's time to boogie!

Take this groovy music quiz and see if you can name all of these hit 1970s songs by just a few lyrics!

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Disco music brought us some of the most beloved and timeless disco songs from the 70s that are still played at parties and weddings alike to this day. But just how well can you shake your groove thing? Do you really think you can remember all the lyrics to the most popular 70s disco songs of all time? Are you groovy enough to know all these seventies song lyrics? Take the quiz to find out now and catch ya on the flip side! Are you 70s song savvy? How well do you know the biggest hit disco-driven songs of the 1970s by bands like ABBA, Queen, and The Bee Gees? Do you know the most legendary disco songs by just one line? Take this quiz and see! How well do you know these disco songs? See just how much you're able to remember and recall when it comes to these 70s music trivia questions! How many will you get correct? Can you earn a perfect score, or will you struggle and fail like most people who take this 70s music quiz? So what are you waiting for? Only one way to find out — hit the play button now and put your 70s disco music knowledge to the official test! We know you have it in you to recognize all of these seventies disco songs by just one lyric! Will you make Donna Summer and Diana Ross proud with your score? Can you dig it like the Bee Gees? Can you "survive" like Gloria Gaynor? Prove it! We'll believe it when we see it!

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