Quiz: Only An English Teacher Can Define These 22 Advanced Words. Can You?

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"FAILURE" shouldn't be in your vocabulary!

Do people need to pull out a dictionary when talking to you? How big is your vocabulary really? Take this quiz to find out!

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English is one of the most complex languages. How well do you speak it? You might not know this fair language of ours as well as you think. Only this vocabulary quiz can really test your knowledge. It is much harder than it looks. So you know what a "zephyr" is? But do you really? Can you explain the difference between "proscribe" and "prescribe"? They are two very different words with very different meanings, after all!

This quiz isn't for the casual vocab fan. This is for the true grammar nerd of the bunch. The person who can sit for hours with a crossword puzzle or looks up new words in the dictionary for fun. The one who corrects people's grammar constantly and always uses correct punctuation and capitalization in text messages. This quiz will ask you to identify the correct definition of random words you might find on a high school or college vocabulary quiz. Can you remember what the word "contingency" means? What about "impetuous"? This quiz will take you back to your grade school days and see how well you remember your vocabulary lessons. Think you'll be able to ace it? Very few people pass this quiz, and even fewer actually ace it. Can you? There is only one way to find out. Hit the play button now, grab a number 2 pencil, and let's get started! Remember, no cheating allowed. If you don't get the high score on the first try, you can always retake this test. Best of luck to you!

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