Quiz: Can You Name All Of These Feel-Good Songs From The 70s & 80s?

queen, Freddie Mercury, I want to break free
"I want to break free" by Queen via Capitol

Time to play some vinyl hits!

If you love 70s and 80s songs, then this is the perfect music quiz to test your knowledge of iconic lyrics and hit singles!

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This quiz is for those of you who lived through the 70s ad 80s -- or even for those who just wish they did! The 70s and the 80s featured countless talented and memorable artists who either emerged or continued to be successful throughout those decades. While the 70s and 80s both had a wide range of music, many of the most popular songs from these eras were very upbeat and feel good songs that just make you want to dance no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing. The 70s featured groovy sounds, trippy harmonies, rhythmic tambourines, and disco dance numbers, mind warping synthesizers. Meanwhile, the 80s featured plenty of pop ballads, Yamaha synthesizers, cheesy lyrics, and heavily reverberated rhythm tracks. Both decades are known for there iconic and instantly recognizable sounds for a reason -- many people would argue that their favorite era for music was either the 70s or the 80s. Unlike other decades for music, this span of 20 years produced some of the greatest musical acts of all time who remain just as popular if not more so today. But just how well do you remember all the lyrics to hit songs from the 70s and 80s? Do you think you'd really be able to name the song and the artist of a song just by looking at one random line from the lyrics? It's time to find out if you really can! Hit the play button now and prove 70s and 80s music is your jam. Good luck!

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