Quiz: Can You Pass This Game Of Thrones Dead Or Alive Quiz?

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Is your blade sharp enough to survive this quiz?

Are you an avid enough Game of Thrones viewer to be able to recall if all of these major and minor characters are dead or alive?

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Very few shows on television have a death toll quite as high as Game of Thrones. Each new episode of GoT is basically just a new opportunity to watch our favorite characters die in excruciating pain to the shock and horror of their biggest fans. Hundreds of people have died over the course of the series, from shocking main character departures to the graphic and violent slaughter of scores of unnamed characters. With so many losses of life every single season, it can be hard for even the most avid of fans to recall who is still alive (for now, at least) and who has already met their makers. Honestly, there has been so much carnage on the show that we're pretty much convinced no character is 100% safe from dying before the series finale is through. But just how big of a GoT fan are you? Do you think you'll truly be able to recall which characters are still alive and which ones are already dead? That's the GoT knowledge we're testing you on in this quiz! All you have to do is look at characters' photos and determine whether or not they are still living and breathing. From the kings in the North to the rulers in King's Landing, no one is safe in this epic storm of swords. No one is likely to get in and out of Westeros alive to tell the tale. Will you yourself be able to survive until the very end of this trivia challenge? Let's find out! Don't forget... Winter is coming!

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