Quiz: You Are No One If You Can Name ALL These GoT Seasons By 1 Scene

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A person is still someone if they can't pass this quiz...

We're willing to bet you can't identify every single one of these Game of Thrones scenes from season one through season seven!

 May 14, 2019
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Game of Thrones brings the elements of action, political intrigue, and bizarre fantasy television to the next level. And it truly seems like each season of Game of Thrones is more thrilling and epic than the last. If you've been obsessively watching this show for the last seven seasons, then you know that the 8th season is really going to bring the drama and violence. Each season leading up to it has featured its own important moments that were pretty game changing, to say the least. You're bound to encounter plenty of plot twists, new characters, new family ties and alliances, shocking betrayals, and breathtaking locations each and every season. With so many tiny and seemingly insignificant details being shared with viewers, it can be tough to keep track of everything. That's why it's always a good idea to refresh your memory with a quick summary of each season's biggest events. That's exactly what we're here to do with this quiz. You're about to quiz yourself on some of the most interesting plot lines to ever be shown in television history. Can you match up all of these memorable scenes to the Game of Thrones season they appeared in? Can you really recall in what season the following events happened: Bran Stark is pushed from the tower, Ned Stark is beheaded, the Red Wedding occurs, Joffrey is poisoned, Tyrion kills his father, Cersei is forced to do her walk of shame, Jon Snow is resurrected, and more? If you think you can truly remember all these scenes and more, then this is the perfect quiz for you!

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