Only A Real Local Can Ace This Michigan Lingo Quiz. Up For The Challenge?

Watch out Michiganders: It's tough!

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 Mar 01, 2019
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Question: 1/18Choose The Correct Answer!

First things first, there's two types of people in Michigan. Those who live above ______ and those who live below it.
The White Shoals Lighthouse
Lake Michigan
The Mackinac Bridge

Question: 2/18Choose The Correct Answer!

Who exactly lives under the Mackinac Bridge?

Question: 3/18Choose The Correct Answer!

You guys Michiganders are used to getting ALL types of weather, but you still love to joke that the only two seasons are:
Summer and snow
Winter and construction
Fall and rain

Question: 4/18Choose The Correct Answer!

Let's get funky, which famous record label originated in Detroit?

Question: 5/18Choose The Correct Answer!

"Don't worry about it, I'll just swing by _____ on the way home from work and grab some groceries before this blizzard hits!"

Question: 6/18Choose The Correct Answer!

Only in Michigan does “DTW” stand for which of these sayings?
Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport
Dearborn Town Waterworks
Down To Wait

Question: 7/18Choose The Correct Answer!

Some people call summertime tourists ______. Probably because they're known to buy Mackinac Island _____!
Coffees; coffee
Fudgies; fudge
Candies; candy

Question: 8/18Choose The Correct Answer!

You'll also probably catch a tourist called the Mackinac Bridge by it's full name. But locals know to short it to:
Mighty Mac

Question: 9/18Choose The Correct Answer!

A true Michigander should be able to pronounce “Ypsilanti.” Can you?

Question: 10/18Choose The Correct Answer!

If you're visiting the Upper Peninsula, then you're going to be surrounded by _____.

Question: 11/18Choose The Correct Answer!

Only in Michigan can your hand double as a _____.

Question: 12/18Choose The Correct Answer!

No, it's not simply a soft drink! It's basically the cure for everything! It's:
Mountain Dew!

Question: 13/18Choose The Correct Answer!

Odds are you or some friends had a cabin, so whenever you got the chance, you'd go ______ for vacation!
Out East
Down South
Up North

Question: 14/18Choose The Correct Answer!

What are pasties?
A word we use for gluesticks!
Small, delicious meat pies. Also, it's pAHsties.
Dense, sweet cookies!

Question: 15/18Choose The Correct Answer!

"I'm proud of my son for going to college. But I'm pretty upset with his choice... He's going to _________! Can't stand those Buckeyes!"
Ohio State
Notre Dame

Question: 16/18Choose The Correct Answer!

Finish the slogan: "_____ Michigan!"

Question: 17/18Choose The Correct Answer!

You could say Michiganders sort of get an extra holiday, since a lot of people consider the first day of ______ Season to be one!

Question: 18/18Choose The Correct Answer!

There's really no other place out there like the ______. I'm never moving away from Michigan!
Buckeye State
Badger State
Great Lake State | Quiz Facts

Michigan, oh Michigan, what a great state! And Great Lake! Ha, ha get it? It's because Michigan is the Great Lake State. Ok, that was bad, but it is true. Michigan is a beautiful Midwestern state, nestled in the Upper Midwest Region. And yes, this state is shaped like a glove, or mitten. Due to its Northern position and proximity to Great Lakes Michigan, Huron, and Erie, the whole state of Michigan is no stranger to brutally cold winter temps, buckets of snow, and biting winds. But Michiganders tough it out through all of this intense weather, because they're hearty people who are more than capable to tolerate a bit of tough weather. They break out a few extra scarves and mittens and they're good to go. This is just one small part of what makes up a Michigander. These little pieces build up a complete image of what it really means to be from Michigan. There is a certain uniqueness to the state that manifests itself in the lingo, dialect and mannerisms that have developed in this Great Lake State. In fact, Michigan is the tenth most populous state in the United States and the 11th most extensive in terms of land area. Michigan first joined the United States in 1837 and has been an amazing part of the country ever since. Prestigious universities, amazing businesses and incredible people all get to call this state home. All of this should sound familiar to a local, as any local would know all of this trivia about Michigan! Odds are that almost all locals possess this knowledge of the local lingo and mannerisms. Up for the challenge?