Surprisingly Few Americans Can Pass This High School Vocab Quiz. Can You?

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Time to use your words!

Have you mastered the English language? Can you remember the meaning of all of these vocabulary words?

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According to the Oxford Dictionary, the term "vocabulary" means "the words used by or known to a particular people" or, put more simply, "the words of a language." Some people like to impress others with their big vocabularies and use of so-called 50-cent words, others use their vocabulary knowledge more subtly, but the fact is we all had to learn new words at some time growing up. One of the most important parts of going to school is developing a good vocabulary. You probably remember those weekly classroom vocabulary tests that measured how well you learned words like "mortify" and "indolent". As an adult, you may not use words like that in your typical conversations with friends, which means you've likely forgotten many of the words you learned in middle school. Try your hand at our quiz to be declared the ultimate champion of words!

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