Ohio Slang - It’s A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

What do you know about the Heart Of It All?

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 Mar 09, 2019
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Question: 1/22Pick Your Answer!

Do you want a Buckeye? I've got a whole box of them!
No, no that's okay I don't like praline!
No, no that's okay I don't like peanut butter!
No, no that's okay I don't like raspberry!

Question: 2/22Pick Your Answer!

And if you want a glass of soda to wash down your Buckeye, you'd better ask for some:
Soda Pop

Question: 3/22Pick Your Answer!

True Ohio natives were born with a deep, burning hate for all things _____.

Question: 4/22Pick Your Answer!

When summertime rolls around, you know you're going to be spending it at _____.
Pine Hills
Oak Ridge
Cedar Point

Question: 5/22Pick Your Answer!

You’re morally obligated to respond to someone yelling “O-H” with _____.

Question: 6/22Pick Your Answer!

Buckeyes know that every outdoor event calls for a game of _____.

Question: 7/22Pick Your Answer!

"Is the Ohio State game home or away this weekend?"
It's a home game. I'll see you at the Horseshoe!!
It's a home game. I'll see you at the Dome!!
It's a home game. I'll see you at the Shoebox!!

Question: 8/22Pick Your Answer!

In Ohio, you could say firefly or _______. Everyone would know what you meant!
Glow bug
Zapper bug
Lightning bug

Question: 9/22Pick Your Answer!

What Roman leader shares a name with the Ohio State mascot?
Mark Antony

Question: 10/22Pick Your Answer!

You know you're from Ohio if you don't think of Florida first when someone mentions _____.

Question: 11/22Pick Your Answer!

What do you call that strip of grass between the street and the sidewalk?
We call that the Lime Wedge!
That's the Devil's Strip!
That's called the Parking!

Question: 12/22Pick Your Answer!

What the heck is a "Polish boy"?
A bean burrito
A cheese burger
A sausage sandwich

Question: 13/22Pick Your Answer!

It might not be all that regal, but which city is known as "The Queen City"?

Question: 14/22Pick Your Answer!

Mmmm Skyline Cincinnati Chili! What's better than cheese, meat, and _____ together?
spaghetti noodles

Question: 15/22Pick Your Answer!

You either love or hate Akron-native _____, there's no middle ground.
Stephen Curry
Kevin Durant
Lebron James

Question: 16/22Pick Your Answer!

What music Hall of Fame can you visit when you're in Cleveland?
Rock and Roll

Question: 17/22Pick Your Answer!

Ohioans love to joke that there are only two seasons — winter and summer — unless you count ______ as a third!

Question: 18/22Pick Your Answer!

"No I'm not going to bother with Costco! I just need a few things. I'll swing by ______."
Hyvee or Von's
Ralph's or Hannaford
Meijers or Kroger

Question: 19/22Pick Your Answer!

"Hurry John and get out the _____! We have company coming and this place is a mess"

Question: 20/22Pick Your Answer!

The rest of the United States can thank Ohio for a lot of good movies because which of these _______ is actually from Cincinnati!
Steven Spielberg
James Cameron
David Lynch

Question: 21/22Pick Your Answer!

And of course, the rest of the U.S. can thank Ohio for square burgers since which of these fast food chains started in Columbus?
Burger King

Question: 22/22Pick Your Answer!

Ohioans are some of the most proud people around. And they'll gladly admit to being _____.
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