Kentucky Lingo - It's A Thing! Do You Know These 19 "Typical" KY Things?

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Do you know the local language?

If you're a proud Kentucky local and you know it, then step right up and take this quiz to test your state knowledge!

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Let's see if you're Southern roots run deep enough to pass this challenging KY test on the first try! We want to know if you have what it takes to be considered a real Kentucky local through and through. Do you call shopping carts buggies like all Southerners do? Do you know someone who lives down in the Holler? Have you ever snacked on a bag of BBQ Grippos? Do you know how to pronounce Louisville correctly? Do you know how to sing along to the song My Old Kentucky Home without messing up the lyrics? Have you ever drank a mint julep while at the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs? Do you love Loretta Lynn and Bill Monroe? Did you know KY is really a commonwealth and not a state? Do you know what a Louisville slugger is? Do you cheer for the Wildcats basketball team every season during March Madness? Have you ever drank Ale 8, Kentucky bourbon whiskey, sweet tea, or an Arnold Palmer before? Do you know what ingredients go into a bowl of burgoo stew? Do you have an affinity for bluegrass music? Have you ever tasted a delicious hot brown sandwich? Do you know the capital of KY? Are you a true lover of this beautiful state? Think you can answer any or all of these questions? Great! If you think you know what's what when it comes to Kentucky cuisine, tourist hotspots, food joints, popular dishes, slang, lingo, pronunciations, sports teams, scenery and topography, then you're a real shoe in to pass - and maybe even ace - this quiz! Have fun!

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