16 Hysterical Tweets That Prove Being An Adult Is Actually The Worst

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WHY does everyone expect me to get a job...

Adulting is HARD. You have to wake up early, go to work all day, and then come home to take care of your kids... or your furbabies... or your succulents.

We know you've woken up countless mornings wishing you could revert back to the good ol' days of taking naps and play dates.

Let's all just admit it: being an adult is actually the worst. Here's why:

1. You've got 99 problems, but a nap ain't one...

2. You get WAY too excited about boring things.

3. You're in a constant state of denial.

4. You're not as limber as you used to be.

5. You have to eat healthy.

6. Stress is your middle name.

7. So. Many. Responsibilities.

8. You have to Google for all your questions so no one finds out you're clueless.

9. You have to be financially responsible. Eww.

10. The only recreational drug you take nowadays is caffeine.

11. Your mom isn't there to do your laundry.

12. You're constantly annoyed by "kids these days".

13. Some days you just feel like giving up and running away.

14. You're secretly winging it.

15. Bills on bills on bills.

16. You finally admit defeat and find someone to help you adult.

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