Badmouthing Your Man To Your Girl Friends Is Literally Making You Unhappy

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Stop complaining over cosmos.

Stop sh*t talking about your guy behind his back.

You might think you're living out your fantasy of being Carrie Bradshaw. But this isn't Sex and the City — this is the real world. And Carrie Bradshaw was a terrible girlfriend. But I digress . . .

Sure, gossiping over cosmos and swapping relationship war stories might be fun in the moment, but you need to be prepared to deal with the blowback.

Complaining could make your friends hate him.

When you nag about your significant other all the time, your friends will start to see him in a negative light. Chances are you aren't bragging about all the sweet, sincere, and good things he's done lately. You can't expect them to like him if all they hear about are his negative traits and shortcomings.

Complaining breeds resentment.

It's never healthy to simmer in negativity. By focusing on the negative, you could end up ignoring all the good things your partner does by actively looking for more and more bad things to complain about at your next Girls Night Out. Soon all you will see are his shortcomings, which will lead you to resent him rather than love him.

Complaining could get back to your significant other.

What goes around comes around, and once your words have left your mouth, there's no telling how far they will travel. For all you know, your gal pals will go home and let some of your comments slip during pillow talk with their partners. If any of them are friends with your man, you better believe he'll hear about it soon enough. Don't risk hurting your man and potentially throw away your entire relationship for a few moments of so-called "therapeutic" venting.

Complaining doesn't fix anything.

Imagine how healthy your relationship would be if you put half the energy you spent nagging on actually fixing the problems with your S.O. If you never talk to him about your feelings or concerns, nothing will ever change because you haven't given him the opportunity. Complaining to your girl friends does nothing to let your guy know what you are thinking. If there's a problem that you feel compelled to complain about, than it's probably one that you need to talk to your man — and only him — about. Communication and honestly are the key to any happy and healthy relationship.

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