Even Science Agrees, Pizza Is The Key To Happiness


But it's not for the reason you think…

Unless you don't have a soul, it's pretty much a universal truth that pizza is everyone's favorite food.

The warm, melted cheese. The savory tomato sauce. The flaky crust.

You know it was love at first bite. Don't deny it.


Well, it turns out pizza is actually the key to happiness — but not from eating it.

DiGiorno conducted an experiment to find out just why pizza brings us to much joy.

The pizza brand threw three different pizza parties with 40 hidden cameras to monitor all 24 guests. The high-tech cameras captured the emotions of the guests using facial recognition technology.

The cameras were rolling throughout every stage of the party: when the pizza was in the oven, when the pizza was served, and when the pizza was eaten.

The patterns they noticed were a bit surprising.

It wasn't the guests eating the pizza — or even seeing the pizza — that resulted in the happiest emotional reactions. Smelling pizza is what caused the cameras to detect the most joy in the guests' faces.


According to the DiGiorno study's data, the time when the pizza was in the oven and guests could only smell it cooking resulted in 24% joy being registered. In comparison, seeing the pizza registered 20% joy on the guests faces, and eating the pizza only registered 11% joy.


The anticipation of what glorious food was to come made the participants happier than eating the delicious food itself.

So the next time you grab a DiGiorno pizza, you can look forward to the amazing pizza scent wafting through your kitchen.

Remember, happiness is all about the journey, not the destination — even when it comes to pizza.

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