Eyebrows 101: The 5-Step Solution To Your Best Brows Ever.


You'll be brow-teautiful in no time!

Eyebrows often take a back seat to women's beauty regimen, but they have the power to make or break a gal's overall look. Want to step up your beauty game? Follow these five simple steps for the best natural looking brows.

1. Brush Your Brows


A solid brow brush is all you really need to get started. Comb the hairs up so you have a better idea of where your brows may need to be filled in. Always start from the front and work towards the tail.

2. Measure Your Brows


To avoid over plucking and making your eyebrows too short, you want to align the front of your brows with the inner tear duct of your eyes.

3. Get Shady


Eyebrow shadow is a great trick for making your brows look fuller and more defined. Always use a matte shadow so your brows don't start to look shiny. You want to fill in underneath the hairs to add density and definition in sparser spots.

4. Draw Details


Once you have added some shadow, you need to add some details with a brow pen to mimic actual hairs. Draw in the hairs in the direction that they naturally grow.

5. Set Your Brows


The last and most important step is to use a clear brow gel. This will set everything in place and keep the makeup from running.

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