7 Halloween Costumes Inspired By The Pretty Little Liars

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The PLLs have scary-good style!

The Pretty Little Liars might have plenty to hide, but it's no secret Allison's four gal pals have scary-good style!

If you're not sure what to dress up as for Halloween, look no further than the city of Rosewood. We've got the ultimate guide to 7 Halloween costumes inspired by the fashionable PLL ladies.

1. Classic Cuties

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When you need a last-minute Halloween costume, sometimes it's best to stick to the basics and play it safe. Classic costumes like Pocahontas, Britney Spears, Black Witch, and Queen Mary are all recognizable and pretty easy to throw together.

2. Masquerade Mavens

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For an effortlessly chic Halloween costume, try throwing on a gorgeous gown paired with a pretty mask. Masquerade outfits are extremely versatile. You can dress up as anything like Hannah as Juliet, Emily as a peacock, or Spencer as a bumblebee, or Aria as the Black Swan.

3. Leading Ladies

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Perhaps our favorite of the PLLs' Halloween costumes were their retro outfits on the Ghost Train. Each of the Liars went as a timeless leading lady in literature and film: Spencer as Lauren Bacall, Hannah as Marilyn Monroe, Aria as Daisy Buchanan, and Emily as Barbarella.

4. Victorian Vixens

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If you want your costume to be more unique than cliché, try putting together an early 1900 costume. With so many Victorian, Edwardian, and Steampunk trends to choose from, you're bound to stand out in a crowd of much more modern outfits.

5. Disney Darlings

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As if we needed an excuse to dress up as Disney princesses! We're completely obsessed with these fashion-forward adaptions of classic Disney characters. While our absolute favorite is Aria as Snow White, our jaws are still dropping over Hannah as Elsa, Emily as the Evil Queen, and Spencer as Ariel. Who said fairy tales can't be glamorous?!

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