How Does BuzzFeed’s Tasty One Top Work? How Does The One Top Sync To The Tasty App?

BuzzFeed / Tasty

If you've ever used the internet for more than five minutes, chances are you've seen a BuzzFeed Tasty video before.

The widely-popular viral videos are food porn at its finest: short and engaging clips featuring pretty, mouth-watering food.

Now BuzzFeed has come out with its own smart hot plate so users can recreate Tasty recipes with ease.

BuzzFeed / Tasty

But how does BuzzFeed's Tasty One Top work, exactly? And how does the One Top sync to the new Tasty app?

The smart appliance is pretty high-tech compared to your average cookware. Learn how it works below.

How does BuzzFeed's Tasty One Top work? How does the One Top sync to the Tasty app?

BuzzFeed / Tasty

The One Top is iOS connected, using Bluetooth technology to sync up with hundreds of BuzzFeed's Tasty videos.

It's as simple as it gets, coming with just three buttons to raise / lower the temperature and to power it on / off. Once you choose a recipe video, the One Top chimes to notify you when to move on to the next step.

As you progress in your recipe, it automatically adjusts the temperature of the hot plate to the optimal point, avoiding a lot of the error and guesswork that often comes with trying out a new recipe.

The One Top can even be controlled remotely through the new Tasty app.

If you're not in the mood for a Tasty recipe, you can always switch the One Top to manual mode and heat it up to cook something else like any normal stovetop.

BuzzFeed / Tasty

BuzzFeed's One Top sells for $149 and will begin shipping in November, just in time for the holidays!

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