Ivanka Trump & Marco Rubio's Fake "Family Leave" Plan Will Rob Families


Marco Rubio & Ivanka Trump’s "Paid" Family Leave Proposal

Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump have teamed up to draft a paid family leave proposal that Republicans will support.

According to Politico, the duo are considering a policy "allowing people to draw Social Security benefits when they want to take time off for a new baby or other family-related matters, and then delay their checks when they hit retirement age.

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The Family Leave Proposal Won’t Be The Responsibility Of Employers

In order for the Republicans to sign on, they need to find "a plan that would neither impose a mandate on empires nor raise taxes to pay for it," according to Politico.

Even though the Republicans refuse to have employers pay for it, they will undoubtedly still frame this program as an entitlement even though employees will essentially be borrowing their own money.

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To Take Family Leave, Employees Will Have To Draw From Their Own Social Security Benefits

Ivanka and Marco might call this plan "paid family leave," but the only people paying for it are the employees themselves.

It's not really paid family leave if you have to pay for it out of your own Social Security benefits. You're just borrowing your own saved money at an earlier time than expected.

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The Party Of "Family Values" Doesn't Actually Care About Paid Family Leave

It seems ironic and hypocritical that the so-called party of "family values" would force women to have a baby if they got pregnant, yet turn around and resist the idea of helping you pay for the care of that baby.

This is why the Republicans in Congress are not pro-life; they are pro-fetus. Once that baby is born, they couldn't care less about helping that mother and/or father receive any aid to feed and raise that child.

If they were truly against abortion, you would like the right-wingers would want to create incentives for people to be able to afford to take care of their newborn children.

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How Ivanka’s Idea Of Paid Family Leave Hurts Women Who Work

Ivanka has claimed to be a champion of working women and has made paid family leave one of her most pivotal goals during her time in the White House. But supporting Rubio's plan hardly seems like a policy that helps working women.

Not only would this plan be insufficient for women who cannot afford to dip into their Social Security savings while they struggle to live paycheck to paycheck as it is, but it also makes it extremely difficult for women to remain empowered in their careers while struggling to take care of a new family member.

A real feminist family leave plan would give new mothers and fathers paid time off by their employers so they can both cherish time with their child while maintaining both of their careers if they desire.

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Stay tuned for more updates on Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump's paid family leave plan.