Ranking Sabrina The Teenage Witch's Boyfriends From Worst To Best

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Dating can be such a witch!

We'd be lying if we said we didn't miss watching new episodes of "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch." What 90s girl didn't want to be just like Sabrina Spellman in high school? After all, the girl had magical powers, a talking cat, and a killer wardrobe.

Most memorable of all, Sabrina had some of the cutest boyfriends. We're counting down all seven Spellman love interests from worst to best!

7. Dante

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Sabrina kissed a lot of frogs before she ended up with her Prince Charming, but Dante was probably the worst. He hated mortals and he even turned Harvey into a bowling pin so he could strike him down with a bowling ball. Bye, Felipe!

6. Derek Axelrod

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Derek may have been a tall, dark, and handsome witch, but he and his family held some pretty bigoted views against mortals. Luckily Sabrina stood up for her principles and kicked this guy to the curb.

5. Chad Corey Dylan

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While Chad might have had dreamy eyes and smooth dance moves, the guy was so fake — literally. Made of magical "man dough," Chad only lasted roughly four hours. Not to mention he ended up having a thing for Libby instead of Sabrina.

4. Aaron Jacobs

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We still can't believe Sabrina almost married this guy. Not only did he hate Salem and vice versa, but his parents never approved of him marrying Sabrina anyways. This relationship was doomed from the start.

3. Josh Blackhart

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We can see why Sabrina had such a huge crush on Josh. He was cute, smart, and ambitious. We're still a little heartbroken things didn't workout between Josh and Sabrina, but their timing was always off.

2. Dashiell Calzone

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We have to admit, Dashiell was one of Sabrina's best love interests and a total gentleman. While he may not have been around for very long, the half-mortal was actually willing to battle Harvey for Sabrina's affections.

1. Harvey Kinkle

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It's no surprise Harvey was Sabrina's soulmate. He was her first kiss and her first love. We was extremely sweet, incredibly loyal, and handsome as hell. We're Team Harvey through and through.

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