Stop The Stigma: Porn Stars Are People Too

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It's time we end the stigma around women who work in adult entertainment.

It's time we end the stigma around women who work in porn.

This might come as a shock to some of you, but porn stars are real people with real thoughts, real feelings, and real lives.

Being a porn star is just another profession. The same goes for strippers, models, and — yes — even prostitutes.

Simply put, they are actresses who have sex on camera — something there is clearly a demand for. Our society doesn't stigmatize people who watch porn at home. So why is it that the actual porn stars are so stereotyped and stigmatized in today's society?

The problem is that too many opponents of sex work wrongly compare all sex work to rape, human trafficking, and sexist exploitation.

But that simply isn't the case.

Women choose to become porn stars for the same reasons people choose any other profession: they need stable income, they need a certain work schedule, or they simply love what they do.

Society seems to purport this strange notion that all porn stars and sex workers must be exploited, coerced, or psychologically damaged from childhood abuse. Others label them as nothing more than sluts, whores, or sexual deviants. This is dangerous and narrow-minded thinking.

Is it not fathomable that there are women out there who willingly choose to perform sex on camera and completely devoid of romantic attraction?

Newsflash: just because a job isn't the right one for you doesn't mean it isn't the right choice for her.

Every woman deserves the autonomy to choose the profession she sees fit.

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