Teen Pregnancy Is Down Thanks To More Contraceptives, Not Less Sex

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A new study suggests that the drop is due to increased, and increasingly effective, birth control use.

The test results are in! It looks like safe sex is on the rise, while teen pregnancy continues to fall.

The pregnancy rate among teenagers age 15 to 19 dropped by 36 percent between the 5-year span of 2007 to 2013.

A recent study published by the Journal of Adolescent Health found that teenagers are still having sex just as frequently as they were in the past, and that the rate of abortions is actually declining as well.

So how is it that the teen pregnancy rate is actually dropping?


Researchers from the Guttmacher Institute and Columbia University are attributing it entirely to "improvement in contraceptive use."

"By definition, if teens are having the same amount of sex but getting pregnant less often, it's because of contraception," Laura Lindberg, the study's lead author, said.

The study also found that there were no significant differences in the effectiveness of different contraceptive methods. More importantly, they found that many teens were using contraception more frequently and often combining two or more methods.


According to Lindberg, it is better for sexually active teens to use any form of contraception than nothing at all.

"If a teen uses no method they have an 85 percent chance of getting pregnant [within a year]. Using anything is way more effective than that 85 percent risk."


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