The 5 Surprisingly Affordable Beauty Products Kim Kardashian Swears By


There are currently thousands of makeup mavens and beauty junkies on Instagram and YouTube attempting to recreate Kim Kardashian's signature look. While all of these lovely ladies are able to pull off flawless faces, nothing could compare to going straight to the source.

We're taking a peak into Kim K's cosmetic bag and counting down the five affordable beauty products she swears by!

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1. Neutrogena Night Calming Face Wipes

Buy it for $8 on Amazon

While nothing can replace washing the makeup off your face at night and washing your face again in the morning, these cleansing towelettes are a great way to ensure a clean, smooth surface for your moisturizer and makeup to adhere to.

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2. Benefit Cosmetics High Beam

Buy it for $23 on Amazon

This luminizing highlighter adds the perfect amount of shimmer to your skin before you apply your foundation.

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3. Make Up Forever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream

Buy it for $44 on Amazon

This creamy concealer will give your skin that coveted Kim K dewey look. Bonus points: it's waterproof.

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4. Beautyblender

Buy it for $20 on Amazon

Beauty junkies can't get enough of this handy beauty blender. Kim recommends getting it a bit wet before using it for smoother results.

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5. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

Buy it for $18 on Amazon

Kim's famous glow can be attributed to this shimmery highlighter. After the rest of your makeup is applied and has set, finish your look off with this skin perfecto.

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