A Leaked White House Wish List Seeks To Cut Funding For "Touchy-Feely" Girls' Education & Birth Control


The Trump administration's leaked policy wish list includes several controversial budget cuts.

An alleged White House policy wish list has has been leaked by Crooked Media.

The document outlines several policy goals the Trump administration wishes to achieve, including a couple controversial measures that could drastically impact women in this country and even abroad.

The wish list attacks the World Health Organization as "a corrupt, hostile bureaucracy that achieves no actual capacity in countries," alongside a stated desire to cut much of its funding. Similarly, it also states that foreign aid for girls' education should "no longer [go] to curriculum development and other touchier-feelies programs."

Even more controversial, the document suggests that "Title X should be cut in half at least." Title X is the only federal program that explicitly funds birth control measures such as family planning services. Republicans have historically argued that Title X funds abortions, even though the law already specifically excludes abortions from Title X's funding. Furthermore, The Guttmacher Institure estimates that Title X prevents roughly 973,000 unplanned pregnancies annually, avoiding 433,000 unplanned births and 406,000 abortions

If the proposed funding cuts are put in place, an estimated 4.7 million women who receive care from clinics funded by Title X could be negatively affected.

Stay tuned for more information on the validity of the leaked White House policy proposals.