What Do Your Texting Habits Say About Your Sex Life?

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Your lols and eggplant emojis reveal more than you think.

Texting — it's something we do all day everyday. But did you know that your texting habits could actually subconsciously reveal a lot about your sex life?

Want to know how you are in bed? The answer might be closer than you think. Grab your phone and open up your messages. Which of these mobile mannerisms apply to you?

You use lots of emojis and gifs.

You're definitely really vocal in bed. Using lots of emojis and gifs is a way to express your feelings and emotions better than you can with words alone. You like letting your partner know what you're thinking and feeling the entire time you're doing the deed. Keep up the dirty talk!

You have your read receipts turned on.

You're clearly into BDSM and all things Fifty Shades. Only a masochist or sadist would enjoy the torturous mind games involved with having your read receipts turned on.

You don't spell check.

You're far from a perfectionist, and this grammatical lack of giving a fuck translates to a lack of inhibition in the bedroom. You don't mind getting a little dirty and just letting loose. You're extremely impulsive and willing to try new things with your partner.

You write paragraph-long texts.

You need lots of foreplay before you can get it on. You don't rush into anything and always take your sweet time when it comes to sex. You enjoy immersing yourself in the moment and really experiencing every aspect of sex with your partner. You tend to prefer intimate sex to casual encounters because you value the deep mental and emotional connection you have with someone over the physical connection alone.

You write one word texts.

Who needs foreplay? Booty calls are your best friend. You get straight down to business when you're feeling turned on. No time for romancing and back rubs and kissing. You don't waste any time and like to go straight for the big "O".

You use lots of lol's and haha's.

For you, sex is first and foremost about having fun. You're extremely comfortable with your partner in bed, and you aren't afraid to let loose and have a good time. You don't easily embarrass and are able to laugh with your partner about all the awkward moments sex brings with it.

You send lots of sexts.

Kink is your middle name. You are extremely comfortable in your sexuality and love building anticipation with your partner throughout the day. From racy lingerie to racier pictures, you don't hold back. You like to keep things exciting in the bedroom and are always willing to try the latest toy or position.

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