Who Is Mike Shinoda’s Wife Anna Shinoda? Did Her Husband Cheat With Chester Bennington’s Wife Talinda Ann Bentley?

Anna Shinoda

The music world was shaken on Thursday after news broke that Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington allegedly committed suicide by hanging.

Some people are speculating that Bennington's suicide was due to an alleged affair his wife had with fellow Linkin Park bandmate Mike Shinoda.

Exactly how did these rumors get started, and who is Mike Shinoda's wife, Anna Shinoda?

What we know so far:

While fans of the rock band mourn his loss, Bennington's family are also grieving and left with questions. Bennington's widow Talinda Ann Bentley, was married to the singer for 12 years.

After news broke of Bennington's apparent suicide, a series of tweets appeared on Bentley's Twitter account. They detailed her apparent lack of love for him and confessions that she had been cheating on him with Shinoda.


The tweets were soon deleted, leading many to speculate that Bentley's Twitter account was hacked.

Who is Chester Bennington’s wife Talinda Ann Bentley?

Bentley is a former Playboy model who married the Linkin Park frontman back in 2005. The couple shared three of Bennington's six children together.

Who is Mike Shinoda’s wife Anna Shinoda?

Mike and Anna Shinoda got married back in 2003. Shinoda took an interest in her husband's band and its charity, playing a pivotal role in the non-profit, Music For Relief.

Shinoda is also an avid writer — she's' actually a published novelist. Shinoda's first book is entitled Learning Not to Drown.

Despite the unfortunate cheating rumors, Shinoda appears to be close friends with fellow Linkin Park wife, Talinda Ann Bentley. The two often speak highly of each other on social media.

So are the cheating rumors true? Neither Bentley nor the Shinodas have yet to publicly comment on the tweets, but the public consensus appears to be that the rumors are nothing more than the product of a vile hacker.

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