Can Chelsea Manning Be Prosecuted & Sent Back To Prison For Her Senate Run?

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According to lawyers, the whistleblower's senate bid could land her back in prison.

Chelsea Manning has officially announced her Senate run in Maryland.

The 30-year-old former U.S. Army intelligence analyst is planning to run as a Democrat and will most likely primary against incumbent Ben Cardin.

But many people are wondering whether Manning can run for political office as a convicted felon and if her senate run could land her back in prison.

Could Chelsea Manning be prosecuted and sent back to prison for her senate bid?

Despite her criminal record, Manning can run for political office. In order to run in Maryland, where Manning currently resides, the only qualifications are to be at least 30-years old, to have U.S. citizenship for at least nine years, and to live in the state at the time of the election.

But that doesn't mean she's safe from further prosecution.

Despite being pardoned and having her sentence commuted by President Barack Obama in 2010, Manning could be subjected to court-marshall for engaging in any kind of political activity while on active-duty. According to former military lawyers, she could be prosecuted for violating Pentagon regulations on political activities. Manning still remains an active-duty soldier while her convictions are on appeal. She still possesses an active-duty military identification card and remains eligible for certain military benefits like medical care, even though she is on excess leave and in a non-pay status during the appeal.

In order to run, Manning would need to be granted explicit permission by Secretary of Defense James Mattis. While it is unclear of Manning will be prosecuted, it seems unlikely since exceptions are made to this rule and it is rarely enforced.

Stay tuned for more updates on Chelsea Manning's senatorial run.


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