Can You Name The Most Successful Movies Of The 1980s From Just One Image?

the outsiders, tom cruise, heathers, wynona ryder, 80s, 80s movies
the outsiders via Warner Bros. Pictures/heathers via New World Pictures

Do you know all these box office hits?

How much do you actually remember 80s movies? Find out if you can name all of these films without cheating or mixing them up!

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How much do you actually remember 80s movies? Can you name all of these films across every genre without cheating? Searching for a challenging and exciting 1980s movie quiz? Look no further than this fun and difficult quiz that will test your knowledge on the lesser-known movies of the 1980s! Simply look at pictures of movies from the 1980s like Coming to America, Good Morning, Vietnam, The Fox and the Hound, Midnight Run and Fatal Attraction and match them up to their names! Visit for more exciting 1980s nostalgic movie quizzes!

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