Quiz: Is Your Musical Movie Knowledge As Good As You Think It Is?

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the sound of music via 20th Century Fox/ Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory via Paramount Pictures

Don't rain on our parade — take this quiz!

Are you a true mastic of musical movies? Prove you know every last dance number, song, character, and plot line now!

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If you don't like musicals, then something must be wrong with you! Musicals might be a bit cheesy at times, but thats also what makes them so lovable. They're pretty much all full of life, color, and plenty of pizazz! If you're a bit of a musical obsessed fan, then you're really going to love this ultimate musical trivia challenge. This quiz will test you on three different aspect of musical movies: the most famous scenes, the most iconic characters, and the most memorable songs. First, we'll show you a series of random scenes from popular musical movies, and you'll have to match them up to their correct titles to pass. Second, we'll show you a series of random characters from his musical movies, and you'll have to identify their proper names to pass. Lastly but not least, we'll show you a series of lyrics from hit numbers off the soundtracks, and you'll have to fill in the blanks to the missing words to pass. Sound easy enough? Don't be so quick to think this quiz will be a breeze! Do you really remember all the words to hit musical numbers like You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile, Don't Rain On My Parade, You're The One That I Want, The Phantom of the Opera, You Can't Stop The Beat, Ya Got Trouble, All That Jazz, Wouldn't It Be Loverly, and So Long, Farewell? Can you really recall every single scene from films like The Wizard of Oz, Meet Me in St. Louis, An American in Paris, Grease, West Side Story, The Sound of Music, Singin' in the Rain, and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes? Do you really know all the names from performances of main characters like Eliza Doolittle, Miss Hannigan, Tracy Turnblad, Veruca Salt, Tevye, Sally Bowles, Christine Daaé, and Harold Hill? See just how much you're able to remember and recall when it comes to these musical movie trivia questions!

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