Quiz: Can You Name These Movies By The Wedding Scene?

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"Here comes the bride..."

Only a certified movie buff and wedding-obsessed watcher will be able to ace this ultimate movie wedding scene test.

 Mar 01, 2019
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If you ask us, there's nothing quite like a movie wedding! Some of the best and most memorable bridal moments in pop culture history have come from the silver screen - Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Sound of Music, Runaway Bride, The Wedding Planner, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Father of the Bride, and more. But rom-coms aren't the only ones that get all the love. Plenty of Oscar-nominated films have had their fair share of wedding magic. For example, The Godfather opens with a big traditional Sicilian wedding. Setting the tone for the classic film, Connie Corleone's wedding is a splashy scene that brings you right into the politics of this complicated family. Meanwhile, in The Graduate, perhaps one of the most infamous "leave your fiance at the altar" scenes of all time only to run away on a bus in a dramatic getaway. From over-the top gowns and overbearing in-laws to a color scheme that could only be described as “blush and bashful,” there are plenty of movies with weddings worth watching. Are you a recently engaged movie buff? Or a fan of any flick with iconic “I dos?” Well, grab the popcorn and put on some PJs, ’cause we’ve got the quiz for you! All you have to do is match all of the following random movie wedding scenes to the correct movies to pass. Let's see if you have it in you to get the top score faster than all these couples can say I do!