New York State Lingo - It’s A Thing! How Much Do You Know?

No, we're not talking New York City, we're talking New York State!

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 Mar 05, 2019
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Question: 1/20Pick Your Answer!

Everyone loves to hate on one of NY’s hardest-to-pronounce cities… but can you spell it correctly?

Question: 2/20Pick Your Answer!

It’s not exactly controversial to say that _____ is the crown jewel of Upstate New York supermarkets.

Question: 3/20Pick Your Answer!

Do you know what the heck a “Nor'easter” is?
An upstate New Yorker!
A large snowstorm!
A New England native!

Question: 4/20Pick Your Answer!

Which of the following movies was NOT filmed in upstate New York?
Place Beyond the Pines
Slap Shot

Question: 5/20Pick Your Answer!

If you’re grocery shopping in Syracuse, you probably know that _____ potatoes are way better than any other type of potato.
Yukon Gold

Question: 6/20Pick Your Answer!

Speaking of Syracuse, _____ Basketball is a way of life up here!

Question: 7/20Pick Your Answer!

When it’s in season, _____ picking is a BIG DEAL around the upstate.

Question: 8/20Pick Your Answer!

What kind of donuts reign supreme in New York state?
Krispy Kreme Donuts! YUM!
Voodoo Donuts! YUM!
Cider Donuts! YUM!

Question: 9/20Pick Your Answer!

While we’re on the topic of sweet treats, _____ cookies are NOT Oreos. Don’t confuse them!
Black & Cream
Black and White
Chocolate and Vanilla

Question: 10/20Pick Your Answer!

And if you want to stop somewhere for a quick snack, meal, or ice cream, you can always head to _____!

Question: 11/20Pick Your Answer!

When it comes to beer the locals prefer to drink, it’s almost always _____.
Fat Tire
Labatt Blue
Spotted Cow

Question: 12/20Pick Your Answer!

If you attend Cornell University, you can bet you own at least one _____ t-shirt or car decal!
“Cornell is Cute”
“Ithaca is Gorges”
“Upstate is Underrated”

Question: 13/20Pick Your Answer!

When it comes to finding the best _____ in the state, Bruegger’s can’t be beat!

Question: 14/20Pick Your Answer!

Upstate New York likes to claim it invented what famous finger food?

Question: 15/20Pick Your Answer!

If you order a "coney", you can expect to be served a _____ hot dog.
White. That's a white hot!
Red. That's a red hot!
Pink. That's a pink hot!

Question: 16/20Pick Your Answer!

Can you actually pronounce "Rensselaer" like the locals do?
Yes, it's Ren-sa-leer!
Obviously it's Ren-see-lare!
Of course, it's Reen-suh-lore!

Question: 17/20Pick Your Answer!

When college admissions roll around, plenty of in-state students will be vying to get into one of the many _____ schools.

Question: 18/20Pick Your Answer!

You better believe everyone will be hanging out at the _____ during the summertime to cool off!
Finger Lakes
Upstate Lakes
Great Lakes

Question: 19/20Pick Your Answer!

Which famous musical festival takes place in New York state?

Question: 20/20Pick Your Answer!

We don't care what West Coasters say: the East Coast is better... especially the _____ State!
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Are you acutely aware that there is SO much more the New York State than just NYC? If you feel overlooked by the rest of the country, then this is the quiz for you! We've rounded up some of the best trivia questions about New York state as a whole, without focusing on the city of New York itself. Are you sure you know enough about your home state to get all of these difficult questions right on the very first try? Are you a true New Yorker through and through? Do you choose to buy all of your groceries at Wegmans? Do you know wha the heck a Nor’easter is? Have you seen the movies Place Beyond the Pines or Slap Shot before? Do you love salt potatoes more than normal potatoes? Do you proudly cheer for the Syracuse Orange? Have you ever gone apple picking in the fall? Have you ever tasted delicious cider donuts or black and white cookies? Are you slightly obsessed with Stewart’s ice cream? Is your beer of choice Labatt Blue when you’re out at the bars? Have you ever owned an “Ithaca is Gorges” t-shirt to car decal? Do you thoroughly enjoy Bruegger’s bagels? Do you love eating chicken wings and coney hot dogs? Can you actually pronounce "Rensselaer" like the locals do? Do you know a ton of people who went to SUNY? Have you ever swam at the Finger Lakes or attended Woodstock? Are you a true lover of the Empire State as a whole? If so, you should take this quiz now!