Oklahoma Dialect - It’s A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

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Are you a true Okie at heart?

Want to prove you’re a real Oklahoma local through and through? Only one way to find out! Take this quiz!

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Think you know everything there is to know about Oklahoma? We bet you can't get a perfect score on this ultimate Oklahoma quiz if you weren't actually born in Oklahoma! If you're really from Oklahoma, you should have no problem acing this Oklahoma challenge with flying colors! Do you know the proper size of a chicken fried steak? Have you ever been a part of the Sea of Red and White at an Oklahoma Sooners game? Do you know what black gold refers to? Have you ever vacationed in the Ozarks? Do you root for the OKC Thunder every season? Are you a proud Okie through and through? All of these are a sampling of the questions you might be tested on if you take this quiz. If you want to prove to us that you're really from here, then you're going to have to put on your thinking cap and really hit the books when you take this test. We think you'll come out of this quiz much smarter and with a greater appreciation for your background and where you come from. We promise a fun and challenging trivia quiz with questions you've never seen before! Whatever your background or interests are, we've got the quiz for you at Women.com. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start this quiz to see how well you can do. If you don't do well on this quiz, we have plenty of others that we bet you could totally ace! Best of luck!

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