Oregon Dialect - It’s A Thing! How Much Of It Do You Know?

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Are you a true Oregonian?

Only a born and bred Oregon native will be able to pass this ultimate state challenge without cheating!

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Wow, there's no place at all quite like the Pacific Northwest is there? And if you're lucky enough to call the Pacific Northwest home, then you must also call Oregon or Washington home! And odds are, you're pretty outdoorsy, you love coffee or tea, you have access to some amazing cheeses and ice creams, you're never that far from the ocean, and you have amazing access to incredible snow, snowboarding, and skiing. PNWers are known to be outdoorsy, unique and hipstery. Does that sound like you at all? Do you also refuse to use an umbrella unless the weather well and truly calls for it because that's the universal sign of a tourist in the Pacific Northwest (using an umbrella instead of a jacket or a hood). If any of this is sounding familiar to you, then chances are you really are a PNW native, local, or transplant! And you just might have a chance of passing - and acing - this tricky Oregon quiz! So please, go ahead and start this fun and tricky eighteen question Oregon quiz. You'll need to know a lot of slang, trivia, pronunciation, favorite foods, local hotspots, and popular restaurants, but if you try really hard, you just might be able to do it! Good luck.

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