Utah Mannerisms - They're Real! Can You Identify All This Telltale Lingo?

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Are you Utah enough to pass?

If you're a born and bred Utah native, we know you'll be able to ace this test on the first try! How smart are you about your state?

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Calling all Utah locals! Are you proud to call this amazing state your home? Let's see if you know enough about Utah to pass as a real local. Do you enjoy eating scones with honey? Have you ever eaten green jell-o with carrots mixed in? Can you pronounce Toole correctly? Do you always get plenty of fry sauce for your French fries? Do you root for the Jazz basketball team? Do you love living in the Beehive state? Did you know the Great Salt Lake is known as America's Dead Sea? Have you been to the Four Corners intersection? Do you know what LDS stands for? Have you ever been do Utah's Little Hollywood? Do you know the state motto? Have you ever attended Sundance Film Festival? Are you obsessed with the U of U Utes vs. BYU Cougars Holy War? Have you ever gone skiing in Salt Lake City? Do you love eating a hot casserole dish of funeral potatoes? Do you own a pair of Jesus sandals a.k.a. Jerusalem cruisers? Have you ever gone to St. George for spring break? Growing up in the Beehive State is no boring feat. A state that is featured in every nature documentary for its allure and beauty is bound to lead to some grand adventures, and some great human growth. The culture, however, is something of an entirely different nature. Everyone has their own unique experience based on what spectrum of this culture they grew up on, but everyone can relate to a few things. Only a born and bred Utah native will know all the answers to these tricky Utah themed questions. Let's see how you do!

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