Quiz: Can You Name All Of These "Watchmen" Characters?

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"Who will save us now?"

Only a diehard fan of the Watchmen comics and movie will be able to name every single one of these heroes, villains, and other characters!

 Mar 06, 2019
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Watchmen fans, unite! If you haven't read The Watchmen comics or seen the live-action movie yet, you're seriously missing out. The plot revolves around an alternate version of 1985 America in which superheroes are a part of everyday life and the world is teetering on the verge of a third World War. However, many of them were outlawed by an act put into place by President Richard Nixon. After someone close to him is murdered, the masked vigilante Rorschach sets out the thwart an evil plot to disband and kill all superheroes. But just how much else do you remember about the plot and the characters of this exciting and thrilling action and fantasy film? Do you think you can really name every single Watchmen character from just one image of them? Don't forget that many of these superheroes and villains have human aliases as well! Can you remember their names too? It's time to test your superhero knowledge with this ultimate entertainment quiz to see how well you do and if you are as big of a comic book nerd as the others who attempt this test. Think you could pick the following characters out of a line up: Rorschach, Adrian Veidt, Doctor Manhattan, Silk Spectre, The Comedian, Moloch, Sally Jupiter, Nite Owl II, Jon Osterman, Janey Slater, Richard Nixon, Dollar Bill, Silhouette, Wally Weaver, Ozymandias, Janet Black, Roy Chess, and Walter Kovacs? If you recognize any of these names, then we think you have a really good shot of getting the top score on this challenge. Good luck!