6 Must-Have Trader Joe’s Meal Hacks Every Busy Person Needs

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Let's meal-hack our way through life together.

We all eat everyday, but who has the time and energy to cook three meals a day for seven days a week?! Cooking 21 meals per week is just a headache….and basically impossible.

But that's why the food gods gave us Trader Joe's - for the sole purpose of ultimate meal hacks. Here are six hacks to help ease you through the week - or for some of us with a bottomless pit - the weekend.

Pizza and Wings


Who needs Pizza Hut, Domino's, or Papa John's? No one. And there are more varieties of pizzas in the store!

Craving Chinese?


Forget Panda Express. You can throw some orange chicken over brown rice and boom, you got a meal. They even have meatless orange chicken for you vegetarians!

Mediterranean Chicken Wraps


A little hummus and naan goes a loonnnng way! You could make four wraps with just these three items!

Taco Tuesday Is Now Taco Any Day


Yes, TACOS. Trader Joe's has pre-made slaw you can throw on your "home-made" fish tacos. There are other seafood options like shrimp and grilled fish in the freezer section if you're not feeling breaded fish.

Feeling Snacky?


This one is my favorite. Crackers smeared with honey goat cheese, topped with frozen blueberries. Just. Trust. Me.

Game Over Starbucks and Anywhere That Sells Chocolate Croissants

Yes, chocolate croissants can totally be a meal.

These are just a handful of products at Trader Joe's. There are hundreds more waiting to be made into a food hack. But we hope this gives you some inspiration to come up with your own life-changing meals!

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