6 Ways To Get Noticed And Create Opportunities On Social Media

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Show off your smile, your style, your progression at the gym, what inspires you, or your dog doing backflips.

Social media has taken over the world, and it's probably never going away. It's come to the point where your grandparents are trying to add you on Facebook, where your parents are linked to LinkedIn, and where your 6-year-old sister knows how to use Snapchat filters better than you.


While a lot of us snap our everyday lives and post photos of our brunch, lattes, and shoes, we don't think about the massive opportunities these platforms present us. Here are six ways that could help you get the opportunities you want through social media:

Use Social Media As A Research Tool

As if Google wasn't the best stalking tool ever, life gave us social media. Companies, brands, and people show and tell so much online, you could find out just about anything.

So take the time to get to know the brand/company you want to work for or the person you want to connect with. What's their voice? What do they like to eat? Do they prefer dogs or cats?


Have An Online Portfolio

The great thing about the digital world is the freedom we have to create almost anything we want. Although physical copies of your portfolio come in handy, you want your potential clients or employers to have easy access to the awesome work you've done.

Other than keeping your LinkedIn updated, here's a list of portfolio hosting sites you can use.

This makes not only your life easier by having your work live online where anyone can see it, but also easier for employers to see your work without waiting to get handed a folder.


Make Yourself Easy To Find

You can have the best work and profile in the world, but if no one can find you, then your skills and experience will only be known to you.

Keep your profiles "public", not "private", and link your sites where you can (email signature, Instagram/Twitter bios, Facebook's About Me section, etc).


Make Sure Your Profiles Are Consistent With One Another

If your LinkedIn page says you're a graphic designer, but your Instagram page says you're a basketball player and artist, it might confuse people to where your interests and skills lie.

Same with if your Twitter handle is @janedoe but your Instagram name is @jellyfishflowerchild. Try to have the same username across all your social platforms so people can jump from one site to another without having to work too hard to find it.


Engage, Engage, Engage

No, you won't look uncool if you respond to people who ask you questions or compliment you. Not doing so can make you appear stuck up or uninterested (even if you are, try not to act like it).

And don't feel too cool to like photos and leave comments either! It shows your interest, and helps you get noticed!


Let Your Personality Shine

Have you ever wished that employers could see you beyond your resume? That they won't judge you based solely on your skills and experience?

Well, social media is a place where you can show who you are beyond a piece of paper. Show off your smile, your style, your progression at the gym, what inspires you, or your dog doing backflips.

The digital world gives us endless opportunities. We just need to put ourselves out there!

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