Lovebirds Married 52 Years Have Worn Matching Outfits For Decades

matching outfits

Holy match-imony!

Anthony Gargiula

Now we know what a match made in heaven looks like - colorful and adorable.

Ed (76) and Fran Gargiula (74) have been married for 52 years and have been keeping their love aflame, just like their matching outfits. They have been fashion twins for the past 20 years, and they don't plan on becoming dull anytime soon.

Anthony Gargiula

"It started out because we took country dancing and all of the couples coordinated," Ed told People Magazine. "And then it just became a habit!"

Ed and Fran square dance five times a week in their retirement community in The Villages, Florida.

Their 17-year-old grandson, Anthony Gargiula, was the culprit behind this couple's viral photos, which have accumulated over 83,000 likes on Anthony's Twitter.

Anthony Gargiula

"Matching just works for us," Fran added. "Now it would bother us if we didn't match!"

The Florida couple, both retired Long Island elementary school teachers, met at a teachers' conference during their 20s – and have been Popeye and Olive since.

Anthony Gargiula

"We do everything together, because we enjoy it," Ed told People Magazine. "The clothing thing, that's for everyone to say 'Oh, that's cute!' but we match deep down too."

Fran said that one of her favorite things about Ed is that he knows when she's upset and reaches out to make things better.

"Our love is built on being aware of each other and caring for one another every single day," Ed explained. "We match, but the clothes don't make the relationship. We have always been close, best friends, and we just love each other."

Anthony Gargiula

Thank you Ed and Fran for giving us the ultimate relationship goals!

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