Mommy Marathon Runner Pumps Breast Milk During Race

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Anne Young via Buzzfeed News

Run, pump, feed, repeat.

Breastfeeding in public can be inconvenient. Pumping breast milk in public can be hard. Pumping breast milk while running a half marathon is just unheard of.

Anne Young, a new mom from Utah, welcomed her first baby in April. She is also an experienced runner who decided to sign up for the half-marathon, which took place five months after she gave birth.

While she was training for the race, she also timed her runs with her daughter's feedings.

So she decided to practice pumping while running in case she needed to, since her body was used to her daughter's regular feeding schedule.

Anne Young via Buzzfeed News

"I wasn't sure if I was going to need to use the pump or not, but I wanted to have that option in case the race took longer than I expected," Young told Buzzfeed News.

Young was smart to prepare. During the race, Young ended up needing to pump.

She said most people around her didn't seem to notice, except for one other female runner. "Another woman running the race turned back and cheered me on because she recognized what I was doing," she said.

After the race, Young shared a photo of herself pumping to a breastfeeding support Facebook page. Over 11,000 people have liked the picture.

Young said she wanted to share the photo to encourage other women, because support groups have been so helpful to her on her challenging breastfeeding journey.

Anne Young via Buzzfeed News

"Posting this photo was an attempt to thank the breastfeeding community and an effort to help normalize it," she said. Young added that she hopes her photo "helps other mothers to not be afraid to nurse their children in public."

"I want other moms to see that you can still take time to do the active things you love and nurture your baby," she said. "My daughter's needs come first, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the things I am passionate about together."

We're glad there are women out there who care more about tending to their children and themselves than to the opinions of those who frown upon breastfeeding in public or breastfeeding itself.

Anne Young via Buzzfeed News

Breastfeeding is normal, it's healthy for the mother and child, and it's something every mother should not be ashamed or afraid of doing.

Thanks Anne for being living your life to the fullest while caring for your family!

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