6 Simple Snack Mixes To Ward Off Your Hangryness


Because snack mixes satisfy so many cravings all at once.

I get so grumpy around 4PM...just as work is ending any just as my lunch is wearing off. And if, by some unfortunate series of events, I end up at the grocery store after work...you can be sure I'm going to leave with some sort of snack mix in my grocery bags. But why settle for the same ol' pre-made stuff when there are literally MILLIONS of do-it-yourself snack mix options out there! Check out one of these tasty treats!

1. Wasabi Soy Chex Mix


This will certainly give you a swift kick in the taste buds...and open up your sinuses if you're a little stuffy.

Recipe here.

2. Samoa Snack Mix


Now you can have your favorite Girl Scout cookie year 'round.

Recipe here.

3. Lucky Rainbow Chex Mix


Better than a pot o' gold.

Recipe here.

4. Slow Cooker Caramel Corn Snack Mix


Mmmmm....tastes like Fall and the county fair.

Recipe here.

5. Parmesan Ranch Cheez-It Snack Mix


So. Effing. Addictive. You've been warned.

Recipe here.

6. Sweet and Salty Cranberry Snack Mix


It's a crime against snacking that more mixes don't include yogurt-covered pretzels and pistachios.

Recipe here.


Get cho' nom on.

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