6 Sweet And Savory Snacks To Satisfy Your Poolside Munchies

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Because nothing makes me hungrier than lounging in the sun...

Summer is upon us and I, for one, plan to spend at least every Friday after work relaxing next to the pool and letting the worries of the work week float away. But OHMYGOD the pool munchies are serious and they can quickly turn a my lounging into a code-red hangry situation. But no worries--these snacks are so easy to put together (and some you can make in bulk ahead of time!), I'll never have to ruin the pool with my grumbly stomach again.

Easy Ice Cream Sandwiches


Wayyy better than the kind in the freezer section..you can mix and match these babies for endless variety.

Recipe here

Tropical Guacamole


Because nothing says summer like guac with a ~tropical~ flare.

Recipe here

BBQ Chicken Flatbread Bites


Less greasy and easier to munch than just ordering delivery.

Recipe here

Adult Lunchables


Why should kiddos have all the fun? Relive your cafeteria days with these upgraded versions.

Recipe here

Lemony White Bean Dip


Lemony and creamy and satisfying AF.

Recipe here

Goldfish Trail Mix


Again...why should kids be the only ones to enjoy these tasty little treats. Plus, this one has endless variety options as well: chocolate chips, almonds, dried fruit, yogurt chips. Your imagination is the limit.

Recipe here


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