Make Sure They Don't Starve In College: 5 Gifts For The High School Grad

Because no one can live off of cereal and Easy Mac.

Let's be real...dining hall food is...less that satisfactory. Especially if you're stuck eating it every day. And let's not discuss the potential issues eating Pop Tarts, Lean Cuisine, and ramen every day. Check out these gifts for your favorite high school graduate and save them from semester after semester of bad, bland, boring meals.

Magic Bullet

Great for breakfast smoothies, post-workout protein shakes, and even soups and salsa! Plus, super easy to clean up and portable, this has college written all over it.

Check them out here.

Electric Kettle

Many dorms don't allow coffee makers...but with an electric kettle and a french press or pour over system, caffeination is at their finger tips. Plus they can used to make tea, hard boiled eggs, rice, and tons of other tasty treats with hot water immediately available!

Check this one out!

Slow Cooker

Because the possibilities are endless with a slow cooker...and this one is a great size for one person!

Check out this one.

Microwave Pasta Cooker

As a self-professed carb-a-holic....pasta is a necessity. One of these gadgets allows them to cook as much pasta as they their microwave.

Microwave Cookbook

Just because they're stuck with a microwave, doesn't mean they should be stuck with Hot Pockets.

Check it out.

Because cooking for yourself is #fabulous.

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