Quiz: Which Grey's Guy Would Be Your New Year's Eve Kiss?

Who do you think you'll get lucky with as a New Years Eve kiss this year? With the Grey's men in the picture, it's a win-win situation! Go ahead and take this quiz to reveal your destiny.

jo and alex kissing in the hospital on grey's anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
 Dec 21, 2018
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Question: 1/18Choose your answer!

What type of drink are you most likely to order at the bar?

Question: 2/18Choose your answer!

How do you feel about glitter?
You think glitter belongs on absolutely everything.
You like glitter, as long as it's not overdone!
You everything about glitter, it's too dramatic!

Question: 3/18Choose your answer!

What are your New Years Eve plans usually like?
You travel somewhere far to ring in the new year!
You make an appearance at a local bar or club.
You stay at home with close friends or family.

Question: 4/18Choose an answer!

Which appetizer would you rather snack on?
Spinach dip
Bread rolls
Shrimp cocktail

Question: 5/18Choose your answer!

What would you rather wear on New Years Eve?
Something comfortable like a t-shirt
Jeans and a top
A cocktail dress

Question: 6/18Choose your answer!

How well can you take shots?
You can throw shots back like it's no one's business.
You'll do one or two shots if they're offered.
You left taking shots in your college years.

Question: 7/18Choose your answer!

How do you feel about last minute plans?
You love spontaneous plans.
You'd rather have some time to think, but you're flexible.
You hate being spontaneous, everything must be planned out.

Question: 8/18Choose your answer!

What color are you most likely to wear on New Years Eve?

Question: 9/18Choose an answer!

How long do you need to get ready?
You don't need long at all, you work fast!
You need a moderate amount of time.
You need as much time as the world will allow you.

Question: 10/18Choose your answer!

How confident are you?
You're not confident, but you wish you were.
You're extremely confident!
You're somewhat confident.

Question: 11/18Choose your answer!

Pick the drink that sounds most appealing to you.
Moscow Mule
Long Island Iced Tea

Question: 12/18Choose your answer!

Which type of food do you like best?

Question: 13/18Choose your answer!

What would you rather do when the ball drops?
Kiss your bae
Hug your best friend
Take a shot

Question: 14/18Choose your answer!

Do you like to stay out late and party?
You're a night owl, you thrive staying out late!
You're a total grandma, you have to be home by your bedtime.
You'll stay out late if you have to.

Question: 15/18Choose an answer!

Which New Years resolution sounds most in line with your goals?
Think positively
Improve your skills at work/school
Go to the gym more often

Question: 16/18Choose your answer!

Which quality would you prefer your man to have?
Good looks
A sense of humor
A lot of money

Question: 17/18Choose your answer!

Who is it most important for you to spend New Years Eve with?
Your family
Your close friends
Your significant other

Question: 18/18Choose an answer!

Are you good at flirting?
You hate flirting! You're too shy.
You should've won an award for biggest flirt in high school.
You'll flirt back if someone else flirts first.
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