Switched At Birth: Which Grey's Anatomy Character Is Actually Your Sibling?

Which Grey's Anatomy character do you have so much in common with that you could be twins? We've got the hard part covered for you. Go ahead and take this quiz for your results!

grey's anatomy, callie torres looking at penny disappointed
Grey's Anatomy via ABC
 Nov 29, 2018
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Question: 1/20Choose an answer!

At what temperature do you keep your shower water?
Room temperature

Question: 2/20Choose an answer!

Which holiday do you look most forward to?

Question: 3/20Choose an answer!

If you had to only wear one of these colors again for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Question: 4/20Choose an answer!

What sounds most like your nighttime routine?
Read a book before bed
Fall asleep in darkness and quiet
Fall asleep with the TV on

Question: 5/20Choose an answer!

What is the best place to hook up in a hospital?
The OR
The elevator
The on-call room

Question: 6/20Choose an answer!

What’s your favorite snack?

Question: 7/20Choose an answer!

How do you like your food?

Question: 8/20Choose an answer!

Which surgical specialty do you find most interesting?
Orthopedic surgery
Cardiothoracic surgery
Pediatric surgery

Question: 9/20Choose an answer!

How do you feel about kids?
You love kids
You’re indifferent to kids
You don’t like kids

Question: 10/20Choose an answer!

Which animal is your spirit animal?

Question: 11/20Choose an answer!

Which fruit do you like best?

Question: 12/20Choose an answer!

Where would you rather live?
The city
The suburbs
The countryside

Question: 13/20Choose an answer!

How do you react to blood?
You oddly enjoy the sight of it
It doesn’t really bother you
You hate the sight of it

Question: 14/20Choose an answer!

Which outdoor activity sounds most enjoyable?

Question: 15/20Choose an answer!

What’s your marital status?
It’s complicated

Question: 16/20Choose an answer!

How do you normally spend a Friday night?
Drinking wine at a friends house
On your couch by yourself
At a bar or club

Question: 17/20Choose an answer!

Which role do you play in your friend group?
The smart
The crazy one
The mom

Question: 18/20Choose an answer!

What are your favorite type of shoes?

Question: 19/20Choose an answer!

Where would you rather be right now?
The forest
The snow
The beach

Question: 20/20Choose an answer!

Which type of music do you like most?
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